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Company History

Since 1985, with the acquisition of the State Degree of Science as Designer - Engineer in Textiles and Textiles from the Hellenic S.K.Y.P. University, Stelios Apostolopoulos, as President and General Manager of "Flokatis Factory", has given positive meaning to Flokati products in countless households both in Greece and around the world.

Apostolopoulos' seasoned expertise and dedication to top quality using the purest quality virgin sheep's wool and the natural benefits of Greece's waterfalls for the final finishing stage of Flokatis rugs are the keys to their abundant success.


In Chania, on the naturally beautiful Mediterranean island of Crete, Greece maintains a long and loyal tradition of serving the public since 1929 with its deep-rooted traditions of weaving, designing and producing Flokati woolen rugs and decor, passed down through generations.

George Apostolopoulos, the factory's founder, is a Greek craftsman from Smyrna, a former Greek territory now part of Turkey, from which me of the world's best-known carpet and rug makers have come.

At Flokati Factory, we offer an exquisite collection of high-quality woolen blankets and throws, designed to give you the ultimate experience of luxury and comfort. Every piece that leaves our hands bears the signature of our dedication to high quality, elegance and innovation.


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